Monday, January 18, 2010

The Tear Jerk Journal - Excuses

Hey kids! I'm back! And working on the Teardrop as well.

Well anyways, we would be farther along in this project except it's been an unusually cold winter for Cincinnati. And as it turns out, the polyurethane coating goes 'all whack' when it has to dry in colder temperatures. So, the best we can do is continue on without staining things, and then just stain everything all at once this spring when it warms up again.

So anyways, we going to get back to work, but we decided on having the family to our house for Thanksgiving. In all the preparations for that, we ended up neglecting the teardrop. And then Christmas season came around again. We were so busy with all the usually stuff at Christmas, that the teardrop sat there through the whole month of December.

So then we figured we'd get back to work after the start of the new year, but then were distracted with a small snowstorm.

Well, finally we got back working on it last weekend, and we able to get the main components assembled.

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