Tuesday, August 19, 2008

100 Beers in 100 Days - day 35, GUEST POST! Iron Chef

Day 35 - James Boags

Yes that's right, I'm FINALLY posting my own blog. I hope I don't embarrass Andy. Today fellow beer heads, we have crossed to a tiny/HUGE island off the coast of Australia. OK. How many of you just said in your minds, "let's throw another shrimp on the bar-b". Snap out of it. We have serious critiquing to do. Today we arrived in Tasmania for a brief layover to sample their nectar from the Gods. It's James Boag's beer. I honestly expected it to receive a bronze medal of the skunkiest beer award, but,,,,, it's Very very good. Light, refreshing & a very pleasant brew to enjoy, I think I caught a hint of a light citrus-y taste. Effervescent yet still manly, a ladies guilty (non light beer) pleasure. Andy said it was interesting that the foam continued with us the entire drink. He liked it. So, this was fun. I hope to be a guest blogger again. Maybe when we get to the British areas. As always, your faithful tastebuds, Iron Chef.


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