Thursday, August 21, 2008

100 Beers in 100 Days - Day 37


They say it's Australian for Beer, but I couldn't find it in the Australian Slang Dictionary. I did however find 19 other words for beer in Australia. They were: amber fluid, bogan, bottle-o, butcher, coldie, grog, handle, middy, pint, piss, pot, schooner, skul, slab, stubby, tallie, throw-down, tinny, xxxx.

It's an OK Lager that's pretty drinkable. It has more substance than most mass produced beers, but not much. Iron Chef saifd there was a faint skunky smell. I didn't really notice that though. I think I will rate this one a 6 on the beer scale.
So now go tie on a "piss???" and the check in with all of your Humor Blogger friends.

1 comment:

Jeffrey Ellis said...

It may be Australian for beer, but it's American for piss.

(Sorry I haven't stopped by in a while! -- Jeff)

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