Wednesday, August 20, 2008

100 Beers in 100 Days - G'day Mate!

Day 36 - Coopers Sparkling Ale

Today Beer Heads we're in the South Australia city of Adelaide trying Cooper Sparkling Ale. This Australian state was originallt inhabited by Aboriginies, but was eventually serttled by the British and later became the destination of immigrants from, you guessed it, Germany. I goota tell ya Beer Heads, I had higher expectations of this "Sparkling Ale". The name makes it sound like it will be Champaign-like. I didn't know this was one of those beers that had the sediment in it, so I poured the first one straight in the glass. Iron Chef, our friend Grand Tetons, and I all thought it tasted soapy. It was really undrinkable. Then Grand Tetons pointed out that the bottle had instructions that told you to pour the beer so that the sediment stayed in the bottle. So the second glass I tried was actually pretty good. I think we were still affected by the soap taste of the sediment to be able to identify any flavors. I will give this one a 6 on the beer scale.

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