Saturday, August 23, 2008

100 Beers in 100 Days - The New Beer Review Panel

Day 38 - Baron's Black Wattle Supreme

What's a wattle, and do I really want to drink something made from it? So Anyways, there is this type of brush from the land down under called a wattle bush that produces these seeds that are hopefully edible. Well, wattle we do if they aren't edible? Because I already bought the beer made from them.

Since there are alot of new people to join me on this virtual gang bang of a beer review, allow me to make all of the proper introductions up front. We've got my brother Dan-a-palooza, his wife The Professor, her sister Monka with her fiance Sam Adams, our friends Icehouse and Grand Tetons, and of course good ol' Iron Chef. From now on this group will be referred to as the Beer Reviewing Enthusiast's of the World or B.R.E.W.

It was kind-of funky, but we all kind-of liked it. It's a good thick beer with a dark amberish color. Iron Chef couldn't immediately identify the aroma of this really obscure spice from the opposite side of the world. I think she was having trouble inventing a new classification for her taste buds. It's Wattle seed. That's what Wattle seed taste like, but of course I can't just describe to all of you traveling the beer odyssey at home that it tastes like Wattle seed. Well, that is unless you are from Australia, and Wattle seed is as common as table salt, then you would know EXACTLY what I meant by that.

Well anyways, Icehouse said it was carmel-y and he liked it enough to drink it, but he wouldn't trade in his Icehouse's for it. While Dan-a-palooza said it reminded him of the dark Warsteiner they serve at Kolping Park when he gets Schitzenfaced at Schutzenfest. I had to agree with him, it reminded me of something I had before, but I couldn't place my finger on it, and I think it WAS that type of Warsteiner.

Monka and Grand Tetons said it was too heavy for them to drink any real amount of. Sam Adams first impression of it was that it had a Sorghum beer taste. Iron Chef agreed with him saying that it was very sweet and molasses-y. He later added that it was much like English Porter, but with a slightly different taste. Grand Tetons said, that she couldn't drink porters. The Professor said it tasted sweet and minty which none of us understood until we looked in her cup and saw that she was drinking Mojito.

So now go tie one on with all of your humor blogging friends


Nanny Goats In Panties said...

I've never heard of Wattle. Do they do anything with it besides making beer? Of course, you said it's like table salt down under, so is it on every restaurant table?

Arpeggio Andy said...

I'm not sure it used like table salt in Australia, but it is used for flavorings. It has a vanilla-hazelnut-chocolate-ish flavor, or at least that's what the infalliable wikipedia says.

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