Saturday, August 2, 2008

100 Beers in 100 Days - Iron Chef Special

Day 17 - St. Pauli Girl

Today Beer Heads the odyssey takes us on a side trip to the city of Bremen. Here at the St. Pauli Brauerei they make a beer that was traditionally made in Hamburg and named somewhat for the St. Paul's monastery there. It was also somewhat named for Hamburg's red light district, but we shan't ponder that in this the Iron Chef Special.

I bought alot of this beer for the weekend since it is commonly found at the local Kroger's Store (That's right, I gave a shout out to Kroger's just for Iron Chef). Anyways, I tasted the first one and then couldn't stop myself from drinking a bunch more of them. They were that good. But, since I basically passed out afterward, I don't remember any of the specifics of this beer, so here is everything that Iron Chef thought about St. Pauli Girl. Luckily for us, she wrote this down.

Iron Chef said:

"My first impression of St. Pauli Girl is that it's a very nice beer that is clean and crisp yet full bodied. I found it to be very pleasing to the pallate and sinus'. Then as we ate dinner, I discovered that it goes really well with salty foods and I noticed some more intricate details of the flavor. It tasted very "yeasty", but in a good way. Like the aftertaste of homemade bread. I think the salt in the taco salad brought that out. After dinner, I rolled some of this beer around my mouth and detected a flavor that was roasted and salty that almost resembles the flavor of roasted peanuts. I like it, and clearly Andy did too so I will rate it an 8."

So now ladies grab your boddice and apron and go drink few with all of your good friends at

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