Thursday, February 12, 2009

Time of the Signs

Has anyone else been keeping up with the string of stories about the pranksters who keep hacking into electronic highway signs? I enjoy these stories because they are clearly about people who are kindred to my own soul. They are these guys who like to change the messages on highway signs to read funny things like "CAUTION! ZOMBIES AHEAD!" Or "RUN FOR COLD CLIMATES!" I think it’s pretty amusing to read these in the midst of all of the other news stories with such bad news like the continuing financial collapse of the world, or the clusterf**k wars we are trapped in over seas. So I’ve waited for an update every week to see what new message these pranksters have come up with. Since these electronic highway signs are pretty useful for displaying highway cautions, I started thinking about what other types of warnings they could be used for.

For example, the American people could really have used one of these concerning the bank bailout that turned out to be more money for government leaders to piss away.

And our last president apparently needed this one:

As well as this one:

These signs could also help people in their daily life, like this one:

And even closer to home like this one I might like to see while driving home if the situation were to ever happen:

Which if ignored, would of course lead to this one on the day after:

But, I suppose the only one most people really need is this friendly suggestion:

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