Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Dust Chronicles: Part 2 - This and That

As we were excavating through the last of the walls.

And the last of the floor tile.

It became an archaelogical excavation as we happened upon this little artifact. My earliest guess would date this specimen circa 1967. Mainly because that's the year that the house built.

While taking pictures of the remodeling project, we have noticed some strange things in the images. After watching the show Ghost Hunters, we have learned that the things in theses pictures are the visual manisfestation of ghosts as things they call "Orbs".

As the Demolition went on the ghosts became more active and more abundant until the entire house became a torrent of Orb activity.

Well, either that or there is still way too much dust in here. I will have to get one of those special devices that records ghost voices to be absolutely sure.

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