Friday, August 6, 2010

Hey folks! Sorry I haven't been on for awhile. I have been both too busy and too uninspired to write anything. Hopefully I can make it up to by posting a trailer load of pics from the big Midwest Tearjerkers, Hoosier Chapter Summer Gathering from Whitewater Memorial State Park near Liberty Indiana.

This couple had a teardrop made by a friend of theirs who makes truck caps for living.

Here's a Wazat brand teardrop. I had never heard of this brand before now.

This good ol' boy made one look like a barn. It's the most recognizable there. Everyone knew who he was when he pulled up.

This guy made a tiny travel trailer from a cargo trailer. I like the boat theme. I think he calls it The Dive Shack.

This is easily my favorite one. I like the unstained wood, and he paid meticulous attention to detail.

We made friends with this older couple with this larger teardrop that probably had the largest galley of any we saw. Iron Chef will probably want me to make our next one have this size of Galley.

This a factory built teardrop that is made to look like the 1940's era teardrops.

The guy who organized this camp out made this 1940's era teardrop.

This is a very interesting wood one named The Touring Lodge. Iron Chef liked the punched tin roof look in the galley. The deer antler handles were a nice touch.

This is the award winner for the smallest teardrop. They pull it with a Gold Wing motorcycle.

This southwestern themed teardrop has a stucco like finish on the exterior.

The way this guy rounded the front of his gave a lot more interior space.

And of course our teardrop camper was also there.

Even Super Dave Osborne was there...I think.

Well readers, if I have any left. That's all I got for now.

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