Monday, July 27, 2009

The Super Bowl of Corn Hole

(I should probably preface this by informing those who live outside the Southwest Ohio/Southeast Indiana area that corn hole is a game where bags filled with corn are thrown at rectangular shaped boards with a hole in each one. And it is definitely not what many first think of when first hearing the term.)

Every year, at a place called Stricker's Grove, the world’s best corn hole players meet for the chance to play in a contest of strength, endurance, skill and even luck. At the end of the fierce competition, victory is declared for a team that walks away with the coveted title of Corn Hole Champions.

Seeing as they were the best corn hole players that they knew, Iron Chef and the man we call America, decided to pit their corn hole skills against all others. And in the end, they pretty much had their butts handed to them. In the shadow of that painful defeat, the two decided to begin the most intensive training regimen ever adopted by any corn hole team. They will eat, drink, sleep, and breath nothing but corn hole for an entire year. This blog series will be a testament to the perseverance and will of this corn hole team as we follow their progress over the coming months. Let's bid good luck to the team I will christen "American Iron".


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