Friday, August 1, 2008

100 Beers in 100 Days - Day 16

Warsteiner Dunkel

Today the beer odyssey takes us north of Bavaria to the Rhine region town of Warstein. The Warsteiner Brewery has been brewing beer in the same location for more than 250 years. It has been said that the brewers will diligently remain brewing their beer even through natural catastrophes, as they did through both world wars, which the brewery miraculously survived unscathed. Today, Warsteiner is beloved by all the people who get schitzenfaced at
Schutzenfest every year.

Warsteiner Dunkel is a dark, slightly heavy, traditional beer with a lot of great flavor. There was a definite caramel flavor like the Hoffbrau Dunkel as well as maybe some fruit in the flavor. It was very smooth and just tasted great going down the hatch. Iron Chef said it was nice how it had an explosion of flavor, and then went away leaving no lingering aftertaste. We agreed this was a great beer and I will rate it an 8 on the beer scale.

Now grab yourself a Warsteiner Dunkel and tie one on with all of your friends at

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