Tuesday, August 5, 2008

100 Beers in 100 Days - David Hasselhoff Talks About Spaten Optimator Malt Liquor

Do you wanna know how to be smooth just like me? Always drink Spaten Optimator Malt Liquor. It's the Colt 45 of Germany. The ladies like a man who is smooth and you can be smooth and get all the ladies like me when you drink Spaten Optimator Malt Liquor. It's strong on flavor and has a rich color that's darker than Billie D. Williams. So remember, if you want to get all the ladies, then drink Spaten Optimator Malt Liquor. It works every time.

Day 20 - Spaten Optimator Malt Liquor

I should apologize for making this sound like a bad beer because it's rather good. The flavor was a little toasty, a little nutty, and was smooth. Iron Chef liked the big "meaty" taste it had. And it would definitely go great with most types of food including a hamburger off the kitchen floor. I think I will rate this a 7 on the beer scale.

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