Sunday, August 31, 2008

100 Beers in 100 Days - It's Two, Two, Two Posts In One

Day 45 - Old Engine Oil

After 44 days of drinking my way home, I am finally one country closer to home. Today we are at the harviestoun brewery in Alva England drinking what is definitely the best named beer so far. When I first opened it, I wasn’t sure why they called it Old Engine Oil because it didn’t look that black or that thick. I liked the taste even though I usual don’t like thicker ales. Iron Chef said something about the burnt chocolate taste that I can’t remember, but we both thought it was a bit too sweet. After vomiting it up the next morning (apparently you shouldn't mix lager and black ale-who knew?), I understood why they called it Old Engine Oil. The substance that was regurgitated had the exact same color, viscosity, and even smell of burnt oil drained from a ‘79 Volvo. No, seriously, I once had a ‘79 Volvo that burned a lot of oil. I came across an Old Engine Oil haiku that I figured I would post for The Dorky Dad.

wickedly dark taste -
is this a new chocolate
or Old Engine Oil?

Day 46 - Whitbread Pale Ale

On this day Beer Heads we found ourselves in London at the historic Chiswell Street Brewery where we are drinking a beer originated by former Parliament member Samuel Whitbread. The brewery is notable as being one of the first to utilize James Watt’s steam engine technology in 1785. Unfortunately, as a result of last nights events, this beer only tasted like Old Engine Oil Light to me. That was probably just me though because Iron Chef liked it enough to finish 3 bottles of it. She is sleeping right now after not getting much sleep this weekend while camping so I probably shouldn’t wake her up for a review. We will just have to leave that as one of the great mystery’s of the world. Does Sasquatch exist? Does Iron Chef taste cocoa or fruit in Whitbread Pale Ale? The world may never know.

Cheerio Chaps!

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