Sunday, August 10, 2008

100 Beers in 100 Days - Bet This Is Good With Chicken

Day 25 - Obolon Magnat Ale

Ladies and Gentlemen, we have officially entered the Eastern Hemisphere as the Beer Odyssey brings us to the Ukrainian city of Kiev.

The Obolon Brewery is very young by brewery standards as it has only been in operation since 1980. This brewery that draws it's water from an artesian well made history when it became the first company in the Ukraine to escape the grip of government control to become privatized.

Iron Chef was unavailable to taste test this one with me so I brought in my friend (lets call him) Icehouse to help review. Hey, this guy can drink a 24 pack and not be phased, he's gotta be a beer professional. We both thought the smell was a little Bud-like, but we immediately liked the taste and smoothness. Icehouse said he could drink a case of it and definitely not be disappointed, and I thought it was much more worthy of being called a prestigious beer than Beck's or Heiny. Obolon Magnat Ale is a really good beer. As far as the specific taste, see "Day 24 - Kalnapilis". The interesting thing about this beer is that it's packaged in the beer bottle equivalent of a mood ring because the label changes color with temperature. This way you know the beer is properly chilled when the "Obolon" on the label magically appears, which I think is pretty cool even though it's already been done with Coors. We liked it and will rate it a 7 on the beer scale.

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