Friday, August 15, 2008

100 Beers in 100 Days - Back in Nam...

Day 31 - 33 Export (It only just occured to me that I should have saved this until the 33rd day)

In honor of the Beer Odyssey bringing us to Ho Chi Mihn City, I have decided to teach you some of the cool Army hand signals that are seen in all the best Vietnam War movies.


"Get Down"

"I see"


"Enemy soldiers"

"With rifles"

Those are really cool to know aren't they? So now in honor of drinking 33 Export beer tonight, I am going to show some of the more common hand signals used in bars.

"Hey Bro' let's get a drink."

"Yo bartender"



"Hey, what do you mean..."

"...That I shouldn't have started drinking tonight?"

"I thought you were the designated driver!"

So now that you are more versed in Army and Bar sign language than Hellen Keller, go to

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