Friday, August 8, 2008

100 Beers in 100 Days - No Really, That IS Actually A Country, Look It Up

Day 24 - Kalnapilis Original

Today Beer Heads the Beer Odyssey brings us to the country of Lithuania where this country's motto is; "At least we're not Latvia." For those who may be wondering where exactly they might find this country on a map, it's located north of Poland and West of Russia. Ironically, this Kalnapilis Original is not that original. Which is sort-of a relief because I didn't know what kind of taste to expect from Lithuania. For all I knew, it could have tasted like gruel. I couldn't smell or taste anything special, and neither could Iron Chef. It just taste like plain old beer. The only thing interesting to write about it is that Iron Chef thought it was champagne-y. I think it's a solid 5 on the beer scale.

So now go make a toast to all the good times with your friends at

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