Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Top 10 Little Known Things About London

It’s apparently illegal to sit down in public within Central London as there are virtually no park benches, and any other place where you could sit has metal spikes mounted to it.

There is a reason why the British haven’t taken over the American Automotive market like the Japanese have; because their cars are crap.

Any Londoner you meet is more likely to be from France, Spain or The Middle East rather than from the UK.

Even though British beer makers should be rebuked for making cruddy tasting beer, they should also be praised for making it with like double the alcoholic content.

Contrary to popular belief, Londoners do not stop everything at noon and drink tea... they actually have tea at 3.

African Americans have nothing on the British when it comes to plating things with gold.

Some places serve fish with the scales still on it.

They don’t have English Muffins in England.

For a city with such an extensive public transportation system, you sure have to walk some great distances to get to everything.

Real English people don’t sound anything like the Monty Python guys

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