Sunday, November 28, 2010

The Bew Blog - Yet Another Set Back

Well Beer Heads, I had totally expected to get the tube/pipe fittings to finish my homemade wert chiller in the extra time I had over this 4 day weekend. Unfortunately, there was an unexpected event that put the halt on that plan.

Here's what happened. I just happened to be about 5 feet from my front door when I saw a silhouette on the etched glass window in the door. Since I was expecting my niece at any moment, I jerked the front door open and jumped out to try to scare her. Instead of Seeing my niece, I saw the UPS guy getting back into his truck, and I also caught out of the corner of my eye a dark figure running around the side of my house. I search the porch. No box. Since my McMaster Carr deliveries don't usually need a signature, and this wasn't anything special, I am pretty sure the UPS guy left the box on the porch. From my vantage point, it looks like somebody actually has the balls big enough to steal a box from a porch before the UPS guy can even get back in his truck! Dang! Talk about balls the size of church bells!

So now I got 2 problems. No time till Christmas holiday to finish the wert chiller, and no way to get parts from McMaster Carr in the future. This sucks, cause I really like getting things shipped to me as opposed to messing around with the half stocked shelves at my local big box home improvement stores.

Stayed tuned a little longer. Now for another word from our sponsors.

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