Friday, September 14, 2007

7 Questions

This week on the NY Times website they posted an interview in which the white upper class readers of the NY Times submitted questions for rapper 50 cent. I think this is a great idea and would to like to follow suit with a similar interview of my own. So…ladies and gentlemen allow me to introduce to you for this exclusive Weird Warped World interview; Snoop Dogg.

What republican presidential candidate do you favor most?

Shiz dem b-jobbys don’t roll with no cavy sack.

Is there any connection, as your name would suggest, between you and the peanuts character Snoopy?

Shiz! yo jockin’ my style?

How has the music industry changed since you first began recording albums?

Dam, it be buck wild fro da shit to be rollin deep fo da jonx.

Seeing how both of us have spent time in prison, would that make us Homies?

Jigga some busta white ho.

Do you think the housing bust will push the country into economic recession?

Shiiee, no gank from no gansta fly shit. Jes B rollin wit a foty.

Can you score me some weed?

B up with some sticks and stems, keep da sticky-icky shit fo me.

Do you support or oppose the war in Iraq?

Niggas steppin’ yall. Need to roll wit da gats.
Yo, it’s time for me to ball. Peace out.

Well, I guess that concludes this interview with our special guest Snoop Dogg. Join us next time when we conduct a much more coherent interview with Snoop Doggs bag of weed.


Melissa said...

That is TOOOO Funny!
Glad to see your still around...ROCK ON! \w/


Melissa said...

forgot to leave my updated space:

C'mon by n' see me sometime!

Melissa xox

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