Thursday, September 6, 2007

Prophet See

On rare nights I have some pretty weird dreams. But, sometimes they stop being abstract and become very realistic. Time will move as it should and everything will properly obey the laws of physics. In these types of dreams I will also see people and places in just the same way they are in real life. The only difference between real life and these dreams is WHEN they take place. Sometimes I remember the dream all the way till the point where it happens, and other times I forget about the dream until I am reminded of it in some déjà vu type occurrence.

Normally the prophetic dreams I have are nothing but normal everyday activities. I had a dream about a church picnic once. It ended up being déjà vu. I had several about my wife before we even met. I actually didn’t have to wait very long for the actualization of some rather odd dreams of me and this unknown woman.

Usually they are nothing to be alarmed about, but this recent couple of dreams has been rather disturbing to me. Not only does the world around me just seem different in the future they depict, but the activities are also very disturbing. In one dream, I am driving along following a tractor trailer. As we make the left turn from Columbia St. to Reading Rd. I can just barely see the spray painted word “LIVE” despite the fact that a large part of the trailers side has been damaged heavily. I don’t know why am following this truck, but there seems to be a lot of people following this truck as well. This didn’t really freak me out as much as it made me wonder how close in the future it is because I am driving the same 15 year old Ford Ranger that I currently drive. In another dream, I am walking between two fenced off areas where people have been herded into groups that are gradually being loaded into the cargo areas of moving and storage type trucks. There is a corral with a larger group of weak old people that seem very hesitant to get on the trucks. Some of them appear to prefer starving on the ground rather than getting into the trucks. There is a smaller group in the other corral. They are younger and don’t seem to mind standing in line in a single file while waiting to ascend the gang planks into the backs of the trucks.

What’s going on in these dreams? Are these events that are really going to happen or are they just something out of my subconscious? I don’t know. I guess if they do happen then I will update the blog, and if they don’t then we will all just forget about them.

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