Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Don't Drink The Water

I just read this story about an "epidemic" at a high school in Roanoke, Virginia. Apparently people are acquiring some illness where they get these uncontrollable twitches and spasms. After the local health department officials found nothing contagious that would cause the twitching, the schools principal decided not to close the school.

Being curious of what kind of illness could possibly have twitching as a symptom, I decided to look it up at WebMD because seriously, I have never caught any kind of illness that caused twitching. So anyways I spend like 20 seconds finding that there are no contagious illnesses that cause twitching. Let me repeat that. There are no contagious illnesses that cause twitching. So why were the health officials looking for one? Are there health officials in my city that are stupid enough to look for something that doesn't exist. So after like another 5 seconds I discover that even though there is no illness, there is a condition triggered by an excess of Chloride in the body that actually does cause twitching. After another 5 seconds, a google search shows that excessive amounts of Chloride are common in heavily worn plumbing.

Seriously people, it took me like 30 seconds to figure out that the problem was in the water. I bet you probably jumped to that conclusion too. These people couldn't even suspect this after testing for weeks. How do people like this function in society? More importantly, why are they in charge of peoples children? Hmm, maybe I should go back and check if Chloride also causes brain damage.

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