Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Vote Strong, Vote Confident, Vote NONE OF THE ABOVE

The other day I got my absentee ballot for the upcoming Ohio Primary Election. So who am I going to vote for? Nobody. Don’t believe me? Click here. That’s right! Apparently if you don’t specifically ascribe to either the Republican or Democratic Party, you don’t get any choice at all. There’s No Ralph Nader, No Pat Buchanan, heck there isn’t even a Ross Perot on that ballot. But hey, I can at least vote for or against additional funding for the Zoo.
This ballot cracks me up, but I actually did know that there weren’t going to be any Presidential candidates on it. I was however shocked to find that there aren’t even any choices for the local races due to candidates dropping out of the running for each office. This doesn’t sound right to me; I mean just because one of the two candidates in each race threw in the towel before the election, they completely left those choices off the ballot. But what if I don’t like the remaining candidates? It is possible that a majority of the people in my State, County and/or Township doesn’t like a particular candidate. Then the automatic election of that candidate would totally negate the purpose of the Democratic process. It sort of takes away the freedom to vote, which has actually happened to me in the past. Don’t believe me? Click here? But seriously, I think we should at least be permitted to “veto” these guys.

Think about it. If we could actually “veto” the candidates with a “none of the above” vote then we wouldn’t be stuck voting for the lesser of two evils all the time. I would definitely have voted “none of the above” for the last two presidential elections.

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