Thursday, February 28, 2008

Fun With Spam (Revisited)

I’ve been repeatedly getting the funniest e-mails in my inbox the last few months. I finally figured it out with the format of the subject line used for this one from

.....Subject Line: **F\/(k Y()u!** [[I know where you live]]

.....E-Mail Body: I know where you live. 4488 Heem Street, Ladd Illinois, 61122. Fear me! I will pound you when you least expect it!
(when your finished reading this post, click here for more about the above address)

Yea, I know, this e-mail doesn’t seem particularly funny by itself so let me give you the history behind it. On the AA’s Guitar Page, I wanted to write a funny blog entry about spam e-mail. So here’s basically how it went.

“I get a ton of spam e-mails everyday, and so do a lot of other people that I now have the e-mail addresses for thanks to the spam I received. So I decided that just for kicks, I would send an e-mail to all the thousands of other people that received the same spam e-mails that I did. In that e-mail I asked them to join the multitudes of people who want to end spam and reply to every spam e-mail with the following message:

.....Subject Line: **Warning** [[Incoming Spam Detected]]

.....E-Mail Body: Attention spammer, all outgoing transmissions from current ISP <#415-362-18425> must cease immediately. The equipment must be disconnected from all public internet communication networks. You have 24 hours to relinquish ownership of said ISP number.”

So here’s the thing. I just figured that everyone would ironically label my e-mail as spam, and blog readers would just laugh it off. Nope. Apparently, between the e-mails I sent and the people who read that blog, there were more than enough “participants” in that particular prank to have some affect.
It just cracks me up that these spammers received these messages and didn’t even question the fake ISP number, and then they actually unplugged their computers and canceled their internet service. I never would have guessed in a million years that any spammers would do that. I am continually shocked at the level of computer illiteracy found among so many computer users.(spell check corrected illiteracy, LOL)

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