Thursday, May 3, 2007

Demon Days

Did you know that anybody can “play” God? No, no, I don’t mean aborting babies and cloning sheep. That’s not playing God, that’s just merely playing abortion clinic doctor, and genetic scientist. I’m talking about taking on powers that are above the laws of the physical universe. I’m talking about powers that allow you to drive out demons.

Dude, what do you want me to tell you? Sometimes the truth is weird and warped.

OK, so you may find it difficult to believe, but there are demons all around us. They might be in your home, your car, even your church. There’s probably one in your computer right now even as you read this. Trust me; you just have to learn to identify them. Since they are invisible to the human eye, you actually have to look for signs of their presence. You can find them anywhere you see negative changes and activity occurring in people and things. Sometimes it’s easy to mistake stupid human behavior with demon possession, but that’s understandable since they can be similar.

Demons are everywhere, and you can drive them away.

All you have to do is verbally acknowledge that the power is from God, and then command the demons to leave.

There is however a few catches. You have to do the will of God. So you can’t drive the Demons out of a person you like and then into someone you don’t like. You have to humble yourself. So that means those evangelist on TV don’t really have the power. Your soul has to be clean of sin which means you have to ask God to cleanse it before He will bestow the power upon you. Do this immediately before using your power. We tend to dirty our souls pretty quickly, so you can’t let any time elapse in the middle. And lastly, you have to have the Holy Spirit in you in order to keep the demons out of you.

So repeat after me; “With the power of God, I command the demons to leave my computer!”

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