Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Is it me or is there a lot of weird warped news this morning?

Who Put The Small Child In Charge Of Tying Down The Balloon?

The record setting free fall attempt of Frenchman, Michel Fournier was left blowing in the wind when his $200,000 hot air balloon came free from its tethers. The Frenchman was quoted as saying. “I told you that you should have tied it to the stroller.”

I Told You So!

It’s pretty scary when some numb-nut blogger beats the International Atomic Energy Agency to the punch, especially when it was done by nothing more than connecting the similarities between three different news headlines. Apparently Iran’s Nuclear Holocaust plans are coming on the heels of The IAEA’s "intellectual holocaust". Arpeggio Andy was quoted as saying, “Shouldn’t more people than me be worried about this?”

Supply And Demand, My Butt!

According to reports from the Department of Transportation, there hasn’t been this few people on the road for Memorial Day Weekend since 1942! Seriously, more people drove during the gas shortage of the 70’s than did last weekend. If demand was that low, then why didn’t the prices drop? GOTCHA BITCHES!

He Kame, He Saw, He Konquered

Kaptain (Robbie) Knievel did his best Fonzie impression as he jumped 24 beverage delivery trucks (equivalent to 96 garbage cans) to beat the record for the longest jump set by his whack job dad, Evel. After making the jump look easy, one spectator was quoted as saying, “I think I had a better chance of being accosted by Chris Henry this close to Cincinnati, than Kaptain Knievel had of missing that jump.”

So now jump on over to Humor-Blogs.com for news on the latest funny blogs.

1 comment:

Dorky Dad said...

Chris Henry scares the daylights out of me. I'd much rather jump the trucks.

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