Thursday, May 21, 2009

"Doody" is a funny word

A few weeks back I got the notice to report for Jury Duty. I don’t fit any of the criteria necessary for the legitimate excuses acceptable for getting out of it. For instance, I don’t think I can make myself look like I’m 70 years old. I also can’t adopt a kid to be the guardian of on such short notice. I can’t become a volunteer fire fighter in that time either. I missed sign up for classes at the local community college, so I can’t claim that I’m a student. I have considered breaking my own legs though so I can be exempt for the disability. So if it turns out that I am unable to drive a car over my own legs, I will have no other choice but to show up at the court house this Tuesday.

Now some people tell me that I probably have nothing to worry about because most people selected for this never actually have to serve on a jury, all they have to do is call in and see if their group has to report. Unfortunately, that is not the case for me. My physical presence is specifically requested at the court house at a time later than when the court house websites says that call-ins should happen. I also wasn’t given a number, so this leads me to believe that this is different and may possibly be for a special jury needed for a specific, and possibly high profile court case.

I figure since I got nothing else better to write about these days, that I will present the highlights of each day on this blog.

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