Thursday, March 13, 2008


I have to admit it, I like these commercial. They are mildly entertaining despite being rather dork-ish. The only problem is; it’s not very effective. As soon as the commercial is over, I totally forget the name of the wireless company. In fact, I spent more time trying to figure out which company is advertised in the commercial then I did actually writing this blog. (OOPS, I probably shouldn’t admit that I slap out blog posts as if I didn’t care about anyone reading them.)

The Alltel Wizard commercial does bring certain questions to my mind. Such as, am I the only nerdy white guy in the world that doesn’t rub my nipples over stuff like wizards and dragons? And if I was into that kind of stuff, would I give a crap about wireless service since I probably wouldn’t have friends to call anyway? Also, I am forced to ask myself, exactly how did things progress so that the wizard would know Chad on a first name basis? Seriously, is Chad just that much of p-i-m-p pimp that even non-existent characters based on artwork from the side of vans know who he is? I don’t know.

These commercials could get really old, really fast. I think the only thing that could make the next one better is if the wizard made the guy from the Dodge commercials appear and then the Dodge guy pointed to the van and yelled; “HEY! IS THAT A HEMI?” Yeah, OK, maybe not.

I would like to supplement this week’s blog with the following comment. Despite how much the online community has been talking about the Alltel Wizard, the only pic on the internet about these commercials was one of the most difficult pics for me to find.

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