Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Business Travel Blues

I just got back from the "I.E.E.E.&P.E.S. T.&D. C.&E." No really, that's the acronym for it! It stands for the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers and Power Engineering Society Transmission and Distribution Conference and Exposition. Apparently the people who put this together don't realize the point of acronyms being to shorten up a reference to something.

I think I should stop flying on company owned aircraft. Apparently 50% of the air transport trips I have taken have left me stranded far from home due to something that has broken within the aircraft. One of these times something critical is going to break when we aren't safely on the ground.

I think Chicago must be home to the worst drivers in the country. These idiots have absolutely no concept of space or time. Such as the unusually long period of time after a light turns red that they decide to go through the intersection, or the space already occupied by a vehicle on the opposite side of the road that they have decided is now their own personal passing lane.

The only thing worse is the pedestrians. You would think that with all the idiots that run red lights and drive on the wrong side of the road that they would know to look out for 2 ton cars barreling through intersections.

Those stupid Chicagoans should be shot..oh, wait...they were shooting each other last weekend. Never mind.

Wanna know what is the best way to kill a really expensive dinner? Invite a bunch of company salesmen that have been practicing the "fake sales guy rapport" for at least 15 years. Thankfully alcohol is integral to the salesman way of life so the gin and tonics made it bearable.

1 comment:

heartinsanfrancisco said...

It's highly likely that those atrocious drivers are all transplants from San Francisco. You should look into it on your next trip, if you can pry them off their cell phones long enough to hear you.

I have lived in many places, including Nashville where I always encountered at least three serious accidents every day while commuting to work as well as three more on the way home. But I have never seen the kind of creatively bad driving that occurs here, to say nothing of suicidal pedestrians who really should know better if they have lived here longer than 6 hours.

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