Monday, April 21, 2008

The Shine Diaries: The Bus Came By And I Got On

I had a good day on Saturday. I didn't worry about things I usually worry about. I didn't worry about the aging roof on our house, or about my diminishing guitar skills as a result of not having enough time to play, or about my cat being missing at a time when the neighborhood's crazy old man expressed a strong desire to kill him. I was completely worry free. I think this may be the real reason why God hath provided alcohol to mankind. Sometimes you need chemicals to help keep the mind in order.

To be more descriptive about Saturday, the wife and I jumped on a company sponsored party bus to the Keeneland horse racing park in Lexington Kentucky. With all you can drink beer provided on the bus, I was supposed to drink beer from 10am to 10pm, but wound up only drinking beer till about 8pm. But don't think that I was playing it safe or anything. I kicked things up a notch by bringing a flask of a southern style beverage that I will call "vodka" in order to guarantee my drunkenness. This may be the reason I can't seem to remember large parts of the day.

I do remember the wife picking some horses that raced strong though. We won place-shows for like three races, and came real close on a few others and one that won. We only had like 2 complete duds of horses. I almost forgot till I remembered this morning (a day after writing this) that the winner she picked was a horse called old time religion ridden by Jesus (probably pronounced hay-zoos). If I had known the wife could pull the names of winning horses out of her butt like that, we would have wagered more than a cheapskate 2 bucks for each of the 10 races and won more than the 5 bucks we pocketed. I also remember some pretty good food. You gotta try the beef hot dogs if you're ever at Keeneland. The Burgoo is worth a try also. The wife didn't like it, but I thought it was OK, it was very beefy.

I know I was supposed to write these posts while I was drinking, but in all seriousness, I think I am still drunk this long after so technically this would qualify for the Shine Diaries.

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