Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The Perfect Storm

According to a press release by the Westboro Brainless Cult, they are planning to come to my town to picket the funeral of Keith (Matt) Maupin. I really want to mess with these guys and this would be the perfect chance. Besides it would be truly wrong to try to disgrace Matt Maupin at his funeral. For those who may not know, Matt was the first soldier to be missing in action in the Iraq war and his parents have just been a wreck for the last 4 years (?) worrying about their son in the hands of angry towel head extremist. I would hate to see them put through more crap by the picketing from those nut jobs of the WBC. I really think something should be done, but I am not sure what. Here is a list of the possibilities.

1. Buy all the discounted off-mixed paint from home improvement stores and throw it on their picket signs. Or better yet, use paintball guns and give them a scare at the same time.

2. Get some tractor trailer drivers from the nearest truck stop to park their big rigs between where they are permitted to picket and where the funeral will take place thereby blocking them from sight.

3. Pass the word around to every Armed Forces Reserve station, VFW Hall, Motorcycle shop and Church in the area and push to get hundreds of thousands of people with supportive picket signs to camouflage or even force out the WBC picketing. (On further review I believe this could actually work if action started today)

4. And lastly my personal favorite, write them another e-mail and offer to direct them to the funeral location. Then lead them out to the middle of nowhere and leave them totally lost.
In all honesty, I may not have to do anything myself in order to see something happen to the WBC. I am pretty sure there is already a ton of people planning to go since the public funeral will be at the Reds Ballpark. With the high profile nature of this funeral, the Maupins connection to the chopper motorcylce comunity, the strong military support in the community, and the strong interest of the cincy metro area, we may likely have the conditions for the "perfect storm" of free speech conflict. Basically, this is already expected to be a total cluster fuck that promises to lead to people putting a smack down on the WBC.
Stay tuned here for further updates. Leave me a comment if there is an option I missed.

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