Thursday, April 17, 2008

Your Mission, Should You Choose To Accept...

I planned on writing a quick piece about tales from the Possum hunter, but after Tuesday’s discovery of the WBC press release and my decision to act on it, I have decided to give ya an update on that situation.

Since moving a lot of people to be a “human wall” would be too difficult in just one week, and the fact that it may be a mute point with the expected very large turn out, I have opted to undertake the ‘covert intercept plan’. Here is the e-mail I sent to the WBC to get the plan rolling.
Dear WBC,

You may remember me from a recent e-mail conversation where we compared the similarities of our theological beliefs. After discovering the recently posted news release on your website regarding the picketing of the Maupin funeral, I have decided to offer my help to you while you are in the Cincinnati area. I have already scouted out the prime location at the civic center for you to shout out the true word of God to all the sinful people who support the military of this sinful fag tolerant nation. Since the public funeral will be held in the difficult to access downtown area, I have begun to plan out the closest and most convenient rally point where we can get together and prepare things before heading to the stadium. For both locations, directions are very difficult and may be confusing to someone not familiar with the intricacies of the Cincinnati metropolitan area, so therefore I have also planned out the best route to take while leading you to each location. Please contact me soon so we can concur on our plan of action.

Freddy Heddar
I don’t know exactly how I am going to lose them in the boonies yet, but I can figure that out when/if they respond.

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