Friday, December 7, 2007

2007 - The Weird Warped Year In Review

Thanks to my wife’s distribution of the Possum story last week, the readership of my blog has more than tripled. To be more specific, my readership has jumped from about 5 regular readers to about 17. I figure just in case these new readers actually want to hang with my blog for awhile, I will give them a few weeks to catch up on all the old stuff. To facilitate their theoretical reading of my past blog entries I want to post a helpful guide for them to use. As it turns out this would also be a good way to recap all of the best entries from Andy’s weird warped year of 2007.

April 9 - Welcome
After being “kicked” off of MSN Spaces, I created Andy’s WWW and posted the first entry to welcome any possible new readers.

April 20 – Fun at the Mall
This is an interesting series of events that happened during last years Christmas shopping season that I decided to revive for my first real entry.

April 25 – The Solution to Bad Drivers
I have had this theory for quite some time. I just decided that this was a good time to put it in writing.

May 3 – Demon Days
This is my little guide to identifying and exorcizing the evil demons that reside in your computer.

May 4 – A Social Experiment
This is probably my favorite entry of the year. It’s the investigation of how Jesse Jackson would handle a racial injustice against a white person.

May 17 – The Bart Simpson Credit Card Scam
I would never try this, but I do use that guys naming system for things I sign up for on the internet.

All of June – The Travelers Guide To London
The things I learned while traveling in London that I felt I must pass on to my reader(s). I posted all the pictures we took also.

July 31 – Fun with PETA
This is my first letter to PETA that I posted on this site. It was a little over the top and probably uncalled for, but I really wanted to rile them up enough to get a response from them.

August 30 – An Oldie But A Goodie
I had writers block so I just re-posted a favorite entry from MSN Spaces. It’s about possible uses for color coded licenses plates in addition to the yellow ones for DUI.

September 17 – 7 Questions
A fictitious interview with Snoop Dogg that is very similar to a real life interview between NY Times readers and Fifty Cent.

October 3 – Breasts Not Boobs
A humorous observation about an organization called Breasts Not Bombs.

October 9 – PET(A) Food
If you liked the previous e-mail to PETA, then you will like this one too.

October 23 – Crack Kills
The modern look at the old joke about people with saggy pants.

November 6 – New Target
Forget PETA, these guys will be much more fun to mess with by sending them e-mails. The potential for Blog material from these guys is really a gift from Heaven.

November 8 – Chris Henry: Player Hater
This pictorial entry was easily the fastest moving entry from conception to posting. I heard the news story about Chris Henry pushing a valet at Newport on the Levee while parking my car, and then posted this within the next half hour.

November 20 – Calling All Warped Weirdo’s, Help Needed
The next installment of hopefully many hilarious replies from the Westboro Brainless Cult.
And that will bring us back full circle to the entry that probably brought you here the “Tales of the Possum Hunter”. Thanks for stopping by this year. I hope to see you all on the first week of January when I come back from a little blog holiday.

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