Thursday, June 19, 2008

Coming Up With A Design For The Red Bull Soap Box Race Is Really Hard

So me, my brother and our friend were sitting drunk around a campfire the other night and decided we would enter the Red Bull Soap box Derby just for something crazy to do. Since our friend is a machinist and welder who can build the car, and my brother is the crazy flamboyant showman who would make the perfect driver, it ended up being my job to provide the creative design for our car. Time is running out for the June 30th deadline to submit the design to the Red Bull officials, and I still haven’t decided on the final design for the car. So this is where all of you fine folks of the blogosphere can help me out. Below I have several possible designs that I need to choose from, and I need you to tell me which is best.

The first one up is a design I immediately came up with when posed with the challenge of designing this type of soap box car.

Name: The Jager-bomb-mobile

Pros: We'll never get thirsty with this car, and it's bound to be a crowd favorite.

Cons: Possible DUI while racing it, and the logistics of suspending the bottle and can in mid air would be overwhelming.

This next one is a Swedish inspired model that can represent all the health care professionals at the event.

Name: The Heart-that-exploded-from-drinking-too-much-Red Bull-at-one-time-mobile

Pros: It will be the REAL Heartbeat of America.

Cons: 800 gallons of fake blood could get a little messy.

This next one is actually an incomplete design.

Name: The I'm-not-skilled-enough-to-draw-a-drunk-chic-puking-in-this-toilet-after-drinking-too-many-jager bombs-mobile

Alternate Name: The Family Poopster

Pros: No need to find a seat for the car because it's already built in, and porcelain is very aerodynamic.

Cons: People would want to take a shat in our car, and the driver would get 'shat house polio' if the race went too long.

This last one is for security measures.

Name: The Just-in-case-we-were-mixed-up-and-this-is-a-Flugtag-mobile

Pros: We can use it again if they happen to have a Flugtag next year.

Cons: None, the combination flugtag-soapbox car is the perfect vehicle for Red Bull promotional contests.

While I am working on the design for our car, enjoy watching this video of the worst crashes at the last Red Bull soap box race.

So now race on over to

1 comment:

Bee said...

Go with the poopster one of course! That one is absolutely brilliant and practical.

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