Wednesday, June 11, 2008

You might be forced to be a Redneck...

If the cable installer runs your new Internet line through the eave vent on the front of your house. Oh yeah, that's real nice. All my neighbors keep asking when that will be fixed. They should know. They all have Time Warner service also, and we all know what great customer support they have.

If the people who deliver your shingles use the gutter as a top step above their ladder. My brother-in-law (the roofer) actually bent the gutter back into place so it is still semi-usable so the picture doesn't really show the extent of the damage.

I can't really put all the blame on other people though, because this last example is the result of something bone headed that I did. I closed the garage door on top of a chair. The front leg was just barely forward of those sensors that stops the door opener from closing on things, so it just kept on closing on the chair and mangling the door into a twisted mess before I could get my crap together and hit the stop button on the garage door opener.

By the way, those white specks near the top of the door are actually cat paw prints. apparently Sneaky Pete is part cat/part ninja.

So now go to and discover some people with ninja like senses of humor.


The Offended Blogger said...

Hahaha! I couldn't get the link from my blog to work, so I just came over and started reading.

I wish I knew which post you meant for me as an entry for the Weekender Offender award, but I'll take this one cuz it's hilarious. :)

Arpeggio Andy said...

Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. I don't get many comments here. I'm sorry I gave you a dead link, I have been having trouble with picasso picture service on blogger. Thanks for the kind words, I needed them.

WomensDaily said...

omg the paw prints are hysterical!

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