Thursday, June 5, 2008

What else did I do that I will regret later?

I have absolutely no recollection of making the previous post last night.

So imagine my surprise this morning when I opened up my blog to link to the other blogs I read daily, and finding that little piece of handy work. Apparently, when I drink heavy enough, I turn into one of those college girls on a Girls Gone Wild video. I am just glad I had enough restraint to not drop my pants also...I think...well, hope anyways.
It looks like the blog form of drunk dialing didn't work out as planned. I know when I drink I think of alot of things that seem great, but it appears as if it doesn't actual work to try to write those things in a blog.
It seemed like a good idea at the time, but this morning I can see that it might be offensive to Fracas. Hopefully, I haven't caused her to block me from her blog or anything this morning. Please accept my apology Fracas.
Now follow me over to where I will see if funny blogs are the cure for a hangover.


WomensDaily said...

Drunk typing is never a good thing! I avoid all forms of communication with others after drinking.

fracas said...

Oh, apologies are almost never needed at fracas, well only if someone copies a post, but honestly... I can understand how that could happen.

Really, it's not that unusual.

Ms Cris said...

You had the sense to type and post an entry in the blog. So drinking probably leaves all your typing and button-clicking skills alone :-)

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