Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Tonight Bro, I Gotta Dance Dude

I couldn’t help but to think of this Dane Cook routine when I stumbled upon an idea that was hatched by the author of Fold My Laundry Please.

Well at any rate, Fold my Laundry Please had seen this video of this really lucky guy named Matt who gets to travel to all kinds of interesting places around the world. As a really cool way to show everyone where he’s been, he made the following really cool video.

So anyways, the big idea that Fold My Laundry Please had was to get all of us humor blog people to video tape ourselves doing “The Matt Dance”, and then send her a clip of it so she can compile a movie similar to Matt’s while at the same time getting a chance to learn a lot more about her blogging friends.

Like Dane Cook infers, heterosexual guys don’t just volunteer to dance so this will be a rare sight for all the regular visitors to this Weird World. Stay tuned to this blog for further details as I intend to have the video of my so called dancing posted some time next week.

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