Thursday, September 4, 2008

100 Beer in 100 Days - Black Magic

Day 51 - Wychcraft Blonde Beer

Let us now summon up the Brewers of the Wychwood Brewery by chanting the magic incantation. It goes: Owa... Tannis... Syam. Repeat it faster Owa-Tannis-Syam. Owa-Tannis-Syam. Owa-Tannis-Syam. OwaTannisSyam. O-Wat-An-Ass-I-Am! lol

Well, OK maybe not, but at least we can drink some this fabulous blonde beer from Oxfordshire England. It has a nice citrus-y taste that pops in your mouth. Iron Chef said it was enticing and made her want to drink more than what we had available with our one bottle. It's a very clean and smooth beer that is better than your average yellow beer. I will rate this an 7 on the beer scale.

So now go drink a bloody good pint of stout with all your Humor-Blogs, and Hummorblogger friends.

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