Wednesday, September 24, 2008

100 Beers in 100 Days - The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Here we are beer heads at the Mexican Border where we will try 3 beers for this post. I had trouble with blogger yesterday, and I think I will be busy tomorrow, so I am going to do all three today.

Day 71 - The Good: Negra Modelo

A Beer with a dark amber color. Not overly sweet and heavy like some dark malty beers. It may have a faint hint of caramel in the flavor which I like. It's great taste proves that there are two types of beers in the world my friend, those that that you can totally dig and those that aren't Negra Modelo. I will rate this an 8.

Day 72 - The Bad: Tecate

I'm not too impressed with it. It's very watery and has a little bit of funny taste to it. It doesn't have enough flavor to cover a taste of metal, maybe of the equipment used to make it. I will rate this a 4 because it proves that there are two types of beer in the world my friend, those that taste like metal and those that are the next best thing to having a rope around your neck.

Day 73 - The Ugly: Pacifico

I started to pour it out because I thought it smelled a little moldy or something. But then I thought, hey I got to at least try a small sip just too say I tried it, and maybe the smell is just me. [two seconds after drinking] Oh my God this is nasty! Even though the mold smell was just my imagination, this is still horrible tasting beer. I rating it a 1 and pouring it out because it proves that there are two types of beer in this world my friend, those that don't taste very good and those that you would only drink at gun point.

Viva La Cerveza!

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