Saturday, September 13, 2008

100 Beers in 100 Days - Guest Reviewer, Grondskeeper Willie

Day 60 - Tennents

Aye Beer Heads! It's GroondsKepper Willie here to talk aboot Tennents Scottish Lager. Yuu think yuu know watt gyood beer is. Yuu think Budweiser is gyood beer? It's time to take yuu to schyool. Yuu dyon't know watt gyood beer is until yuuv had Tennents. And I shyood know. There's nary a gyood beer thyat can escape a greased Scotsman. Dyon't lessen tuu that bath-takin underwear-wearin' lily of a blogger Andy because he would just give it a 4 on the beer scale because it has the same booty smell that Hyeinekin has.
Now go drink a bottle with all of your blooger friends!


Anonymous said...

OMG. Aren't you drunk yet?

60 days? Really? I don't think I could drink anything for that many days in a row.

Jay said...

Wow, I feel oddly compelled.

Jeffrey Ellis said...

Heh. Nice review, Willie!

Qelqoth said...

Willie definately knows his shit when it comes to tramp juice and renal failure.

Anonymous said...

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