Friday, September 5, 2008

100 Beers in 100 Days - It's Called Football

Day 52 - Manchester Star Ale

Today Beer Heads we are at the home of the worlds most popular soccer team, Manchester United where we are drinking beer from their local brewery. This is a dark full bodied beer that is perfect for starting a drunken riot during a soccer match. Iron Chef said she detected a hint of metal in it's roasty, malty flavor that's just like taking a turf cleat to the face. It took a quick second to get used to this one, but after I did it went down smooth. I think I will give this one a 7 on the beer scale.

So now go pint with your mates at Hummorbloggers and

1 comment:

Brian Holland said...

100 beers in 100 days, Gracie? I can do 20 beers in one night! Of course, they're all the same brand...

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