Saturday, September 20, 2008

100 Beers in 100 Days - Shootin' Some Craic

Days 61 through 67

That's right Beer Heads! 7 Beers in one blog post. I figured that since we are in the country of Ireland, that I would drink the beers Irish Style; i.e.-all at once.

It's an Irish Stout that originated in Cork Ireland, but is now brewed in Dublin. It's a malty beer that's not as heavy as Guinness, and has slight nutty quality at the end. Rating: 6

Guinness Extra Stout
From the famous St. James Gate in Dublin comes this beer that I guess is more of a stout than a stout, whatever that means. It's malty sweet, and real heavy. Iron Chef said it ain't Bushmills whisky, but it's the next best thing she has drank from Ireland. Rating: 7

Guinness Draught
The best thing to come from Ireland, and easily the best beer I drank when visiting London last year. I don't know how to describe it's flavor. I just know that I like it. I will have to admit that I was too anxious to take the time to pour it properly. I didn't get the right head on it. Nor did I put that cool little shamrock shape in the head. Rating: 9

They called it a lager, but it was very much like the stouts. I'm only gonna rate it a 5 because it was misleading.

Brewed in the Irish county of Kilkenny. (Oh my god! You Bastards) It's dark like a stout, but highly cabonated with some bitter hops like a lager. I like the dark amber color. I also like the mild hoppiness. I was starting to miss hops while drinking all of these Stouts. This has pretty good flavor, but there is something that about it that doesn't jive with me. rating: 6

Murphy's Red
It's roastey, toasty, malty and red. It's OK. Rating: 7

Ohara's Red
Maybe I'm drunk by now, but this one isn't much different from the Murphy's. Rating: 7

So now go drink like an Irishman with all of
your Blogging friends.

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