Monday, September 22, 2008

100 Beers in 100 Days - 20th Century Beer

Day 69 - Dos Equis Ambar

Today Beer Heads we find ourselves in Mexico drinking another of my favorite brands of beer, Dos Equis. According to the beer bottle history, this beer was crafted in 1897 to commemorate the XX Century. Iron Chef got this particular type of Dos Equis because she thought the Ambar would taste Oh-so-delicious. For the most part she was right. When it comes to Mexican Beer you can't go wrong with Dos Equis. It may not be the Hofbrau's Amber, but it's still a good quality, highly drinkable beer. I could try to describe something special about the flavor, but really, it's just an amber beer. I will rate this one 7 on the beer scale.
Viva La Cerveza!

1 comment:

Jeffrey Ellis said...

Negra Modelo is better. Give it a try if you haven't yet.

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