Sunday, July 27, 2008

100 Beers in 100 Days - Day 11

Hofbrau Dunkel (draft, not bottle)

Today Beer Heads we are across town in Munich to try ‘The Original Beer of Kings’. That’s not to be confused with ‘The Original King of Beers’. Hoffbrau Beer is finely crafted in a brewery located in Platzl Square. The brewery was moved here in 1607 by The Duke of Bavaria, Maximilian I from nearby Alte Hof Palace.

Hofbrau Dunkel is a great dark beer with lots of flavor. So much flavor that I was a little overwhelmed. Iron Chef said the taste reminded her of the roasted almonds you get at Oktoberfest, and then jumped up on a table here at the Hofbrau Haus and yelled; "This is the BEST BEER EVER!" I on the other could only really make out the caramel flavor, but I think that’s just the power of suggestion from the description of the beer on the Hofbrau Haus menu. Hofbrau Dunkel is very drinkable despite being a heavier dark beer. Since Iron Chef peed a little, and was on the verge of an orgasm, I will rate this beer a 9.5 on her behalf.

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