Thursday, July 31, 2008

100 Beers in 100 Days - Day 15

Lowenbrau (Low Brow?) Original

Today Beer Heads we sample a beer from people who have discovered how to actually brew a beer from skunk spray without even breaking the Beer Purity Law. This beer not only smelled bad, but also tasted bad with a bitterness that bites pretty hard. This beer tasted so bad that I actually had to go see what other people thought of it at The Beer Advocate. I was stunned to see that experts actually rated this a B- on their 'old school grading scale'. I was utterly befuddled by their reviews of it. Most everyone said it was good, with only a very few saying theirs tasted nasty. So then I decided to look at wikipedia to see if there was any information on the brewery that I needed to know, and the answer (that I'll assume is true)was made clear to me. Apparently the people that rated it high were drinking an Americanized version brewed at the Miller brewing company in Colorado., while the bad reviews are from the "Original" version that comes from Munich. What's funny is even through the very strong skunk smell and bitterness, Iron Chef was still able to taste something specific; Chocolate. I am going to rate this a 2.

So now wipe that grimace off of your face and get a different beer to tie one on with all of your old friends at

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