Thursday, July 24, 2008

100 Beers in 100 Days - Let Me Give A Shout Out To All The 'Beer Heads'

Day 8 – Grolsch Premium Lager

Today Beer Heads* we head 50 miles east of Amsterdam to the city of Enschede. Due to it’s location it has been occupied by both Germany and Belgium as well as the Netherlands during the course of it’s history. This in turn has given the city a rather confused culture as it’s residents have been influence by all three countries. As a result Grolsch, as I have discovered, has a confused taste as well. It’s taste was similar to the Amstel, but with both a Belgian beer quality and a German Pilsner style that make a taste that I am finding difficult to put into words. It was more drinkable than the other Lager/Pilsners I have tried, and Iron Chef said it had an acidic after taste that might make it work very well with certain foods. Grilled burgers may be one of those foods because I did suck it down fast at dinner. I will rate Grolsch a 6.

I will have to apologize to any Beer Heads who were hoping to try the “Style Revival” beers that I had mentioned a few days ago. Apparently there aren’t any of those at Jungle Jim’s anyhow because their website people…ARE FILTHY LIARS!

* My readership, according to several analytical sources, has gone from over 90 per week to almost 300 per week since I started the Beer Odyssey. So, I figure this group that’s been following me on the odyssey is now big enough for the members to have a shared nickname. You know, like dead heads.

So, now go tie one on with all your good friends at

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