Sunday, July 20, 2008

100 Beers in 100 Days - Day 4

Kasteel Rouge

I didn’t expect that much from this beer. The "cherry juice added" words as read off the label of the portly little bottle gave me the impression that it would have a Juicy-Juice like quality to it. The strong cherry aroma only added to that affect. Then, without warning, my taste buds got their ass kicked and handed to them on a platter. This beer is "Da Bomb". Cherry bomb to be exact. The cherry was strong, but not nauseatingly sweet like cheery juice can be. Iron Chef said it was very much like a fine red wine except without the "bite". This also may be the smoothest beer known to mankind. We both loved it, and Iron Chef wouldn’t shut up about it to all our friends.

So now go tie one on with all of your good friends at

1 comment:

Slick said...

HHmmm.....never heard of it but all the sudden, my mouth is watering for cherried beer :)

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