Friday, July 18, 2008

100 Beers in 100 Days

Day 2 – Hoegaarden Witbier (White Beer)

I came across this one and realized that I had never before drunk anything referred to as white beer. I wondered if white beer was some special beer that was brewed with baby hops petals plucked from the plant before they matured. I decided to wonder no more and got some to try.

The description on the bottle said it was brewed with a hint of coriander and orange peel, so I was surprised to find there was absolutely no aroma to it when I opened the bottle. The problem with that isn’t that my under developed taste buds couldn’t find the coriander, it’s that Iron Chef’s nearly professional palette couldn’t find it either. It has a clean and simple taste, crisp even. I would say that it is Budweiser-ish, but that would be very wrong. It wasn’t hops heavy, and had absolutely no bitterness to it. So basically, they actually may have used baby hops for less bitterness. Either that or white beer is what those ca-raa-zy Belgians call their pale lagers. Even though there wasn’t any coriander flavor, there was a great little orange flavor with the very last gulp. Iron Chef liked the deisn on the bottle, but wasn’t impressed with the contents. I on the other hand, really liked it.

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