Friday, July 25, 2008

The Beer Odyssey - Day 9

Carlsberg Elephant

Our next destination on the Beer Odyssey is the happiest place on earth (and most livable) as ranked by several different global surveys. That city Beer Heads is the capital of Denmark, Copenhagen. A place known for it’s breakfast pastries (I could go for a Danish right about now), but definitely not it’s beer.

A monumental thing happened Beer Heads that I have absolutely no explanation for. Maybe the planets aligned, or maybe Hell froze over. I just don’t know. All I know is that I actually met a beer that I didn’t like. Carlsberg Elephant may possibly be named after the animal that discharged this vile liquid. It had more bitterness and bite than any beer a brewery should try to sell. The whole skunkyness of this beer overwhelmed the palette. Iron Chef said there was a strong musty taste with a hint of wet dog in the aroma. I am sure if I had more knowledge of beer evaluating terminology I could say more, but I don't so all I can say is it was just nasty. We will have to rate Carlsberg Elephant a 1 as Iron Chef did literally flush it down the toilet.

Let me apology to all of you Beer Heads for dragging you into and out of the country of Denmark today just to try some Carlsberg. I will totally make it up to you tomorrow by leading you into the Promised Land. Germany that is, not Israel, they don’t brew beer in Israel.

So now eat something spicy to get that awful taste out of your mouth and then go warn all your old friends about that beer at

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