Tuesday, July 22, 2008

100 Beers in 100 Days - Drinking My Way Home

As it turns out, reading (or writing for that matter) about beer gets old a whole lot faster than drinking beer does. So, I have decided to make this blog the beer aficionados version of Where’s Waldo. So now, all of you at home can follow me as I make the drunken journey from the Trappistes Monastery in the countryside of eastern Belgium back to my home town as I sample beers from around the world and across the country so you won’t have to…unless of course you want to, then in that case grab your mug and lets roll. I would love to have more company on the odyssey because the bigger the party the better, and the better the evaluations of the beers.

Day 6 - Sterkens Dubbel Ale

Today's leg of the odyssey brings us to the Belgian town of Meer located about 50 miles north of Brussels. In this small town the Sterkens brewery makes classic Abbey style beers originally developed by those Trappist monks.

For reasons I probably shouldn’t mention, I don’t remember much about this beer. I do remember that it was solid [holding fist in “black power gesture”] and I liked it. The beer poured really well, and there was virtually no head. I think Iron Chef wasn’t in the mood for beer last night, so I don’t have any of her culinary insight to add. On a scale from 1 to 10 (Oh yeah, I am also rating them now) where 1 means you should just flush it straight down the toilet, and 10 means it causes the drinker to have an orgasmic experience. I give the Sterkens Dubbel Ale a 7.

I think today will be the last day in Belgium. Tomorrow I will move it along to the next country on my itinerary. Below I have posted a map that you can print out and use to track the progress of my odyssey.

So follow me as I head below sea level into Holland where I will try some beers that are the product of small breweries in the midst of a stylistic revival as well as some large brands that I have always thought about trying.
So jump on the bus and drink around the world with me. You can bring all of your friends from Humor-Blogs.com too if you want.

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