Tuesday, July 29, 2008

100 Beers in 100 Days - This Space For Rent

Day 13 - Hacker Pschorr Weisse

Today Beer Heads we are still in Munich because there are a lot of breweries in Munich. So many that I might even refer to Munich as “The Beer Capital of the World.” Here we are at the Alte Hackerhaus (Old Hacker House) somewhere in the western part of the city. There is a long history about two sons, one on the Hacker side of the family, and the other on the Pschorr side that eventually merged breweries together. Unfortunately, I don’t have time to go into that, but it’s pretty interesting if you want to look into for yourself.

I wasn’t in the right frame of mind last night to evaluate this beer, but I do remember it was very good. I can’t comment on the taste either, so this would be a great beer to have all of you Beer Heads try and then tell me what to write about it, in this post. I thought about making it a contest, but that would require making a trophy which I also don’t have time for. So basically, it’s a guest post open to all the readers. I will add your thoughts to this post when I have time again to update the blog. I am thinking it’s maybe a 7 on the beer rating scale to the right. What do you think?

So now go tie one on with a bottle Hacker Pschorr and of course your good friends at Humor-Blogs.com


Iron Chef said...

I liked it. It was very smooth. Citrus-y.

Jbailey said...

7 is a crime. I give it a 10. Better than any hefeweizen I ever had.

Anonymous said...

I can't find this beer or I would have some already. Looks like good drinkin' though.

BeerMan said...

That's ok anon cause its really pricey for just a 12oz bottle

metaloverlord said...

That stuff f**king rocks!

Arpeggio Andy said...

OK, so I got smooth, citrus-y, expensive, and hard to find; making it a 10 on the beer scale because it f**king rocks.

Good review. I will post it exactly like that.

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